Training Site FAQs

What are the benefits to my organization?

  • Trains students to be qualified, skilled employees
  • Frees regular workers to perform more complex tasks
  • Allows students to work on special projects during peak workload periods
  • Serves as an excellent recruitment tool to find highly qualified employees
  • Allows students to be trained on equipment and experience technology important to your business that is not available on campus

Do I have to pay the student?

  • Paid Option
    • Employer may receive a multiple term commitment from the student with increase productivity each term
    • Paid positions are usually the students foremost choice and most likely to be filled first
    • Employer may use student for temporary and/or part-time employment needs
    • Compensation motivates the student and provides resources to finish their education
    • Provides an effective way to assess and select employees without a permanent commitment for employment
    • Greater commitment of time from the student than with non-paid option
  • Non-Paid Option
    • No cost involved for salary expenses
    • College will pay the students Worker's Compensation Insurance
    • Provide more training for the student because they are not being paid for their time on task

Does the college provide support if I encounter difficulties with a student placement?

The Cooperative Work Experience office provides a coordinator to assist employers and students. An instructor from the student's specific program of study will also advise the student and be available if a problem arises.

Are students covered by Worker's Compensation while at my site?

The employer is responsible to pay Worker's Compensation for all paid employees including those in the CWE program. In non-paid CWE the college will provide worker's compensation insurance for the number of hours the student works at the training site.

Will I be able to interview the student before making a decision?

Yes, we encourage training sites to provide a professional interview for each student they are considering. This allows the training site to determine if the student will fit within the organization before a commitment is made and it also allows the student to gain experience by going through the formal interview process.

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