Frequently Asked Questions About CWE

How many credits of CWE can I take?

You can register for 2-12 credits in a term with a maximum of 12 total credits counting toward graduation in most programs.

Can I get paid for CWE?

CWE students can be in a paid or an unpaid training position. Paid positions, of course, are the students' first choice and those most highly pursued but unpaid experiences are more readily available and provide great training.

Can the employer hire me after my CWE?

There is no guarantee of employment by the company after a student completes their CWE. If a student is a good fit with the company and the employer has a staffing need, then they are free to offer employment to the student.

What do I need to have to get started?

  • Unofficial Transcript showing 2.5 required GPA or better
  • At least 12 credits at Chemeketa if taking general education courses or planning to transfer
  • Be in the third term or second year of a career technical program
  • Be in at least the second year of a CTE or academic program if dually enrolled
  • Enrolled in at least one Chemeketa class in addition to CWE if a college graduate
  • A referral by your CWE program instructor

How much does it cost to take CWE?

The cost of CWE is dependent upon the number of credits a student signs up for. The per credit cost is the same as other courses at Chemeketa plus a CWE fee.

Do I need to be enrolled in a program at Chemeketa to take CWE?

Yes, CWE is tied directly to your program of study. Most programs require students to complete at least two terms of coursework before being eligible to participate in CWE.

What are the benefits of CWE?

  • Prepares students to be qualified, skilled employees
  • Allows students to work on special projects during peak workload periods
  • Serves as an excellent networking tool; many CWE students are offered full time career positions
  • Gives students the opportunity to explore careers and experience real work situations
  • Allows students to work with equipment and experience technology not available on campus