Who to Contact

Program Program Contact CWE Contact
Accounting Denise Teixeira Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Automotive Technology Steve Agee Gary Kuhn
Business Management Karen Edwards Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Business Technology 1 & 2 yr Barbara Holler Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Clerical Basics Barbara Holler Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Network Tech Roger White Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Machine Technology/CAD/CAM Sheldon Schnider Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Computer Information Systems Mandy Reininger Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections Megan Gonzalez Gary Kuhn
Drafting Technology/CAD Mike Kelly Gary Kuhn
Early Childhood Education Erika Lanning Gary Kuhn
Electronics Technology Roger White Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Fire Protection Bill Klein Gary Kuhn
Health Information Management Cheryl Davis Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Horticulture Joleen Schilling Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
LDC- Business Karen Edwards Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
LDC- General Studies Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC- Geography Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC- Health Marty Limbird Gary Kuhn
LDC- Humanities Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC- Math/Science Rick O'Hara Gary Kuhn
LDC- PE Marty Limbard Gary Kuhn
LDC- Social Science Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
Exploratory Career Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuyn
Nursing David Schultze Gary Kuhn
Visual Communication Peter Hoelter Gary Kuhn
Welding Technology Mike Myers Gary Kuhn
Wine Studies Jessica Sandrock Gary Kuhn