Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) Contacts

Under the hood, part of the Automotive program

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Whom should students contact?

ProgramProgram ContactCWE Contact
Accounting Denise TeixeriaRebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Auto Tech/Auto Body Steve Agee Gary Kuhn
Business ManagementKaren Edwards Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Business Technology 1 & 2 yr Barbara HollerRebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Civil/Structural Engineering Mike Kelly Gary Kuhn
Clerical Basics Barbara HollerRebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Network Tech Roger WhiteRebecca Salinas-Oliveros
CAD/CAM/Machine Technology Sheldon SchniderRebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Computer Programming/Support Mandy Reininger Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Criminal Justice J.R. Haggery Gary Kuhn
Drafting Mike Kelly Gary Kuhn
Early Childhood Education Erika Lanning Gary Kuhn
Electronics Engineering Roger White Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Fire Prevention Bill Klein Gary Kuhn
Health Services Management Cheryl Davis Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
Horticulture Joleen Schilling Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
LDC- Business Karen Edwards Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros
LDC- Education Cathie Whyte Gary Kuhn
LDC- General Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC- Geography Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC- Health Marty Limbard Gary Kuhn
LDC- Humanities Jennifer Montgomery Gary Kuhn
LDC-Journalism Bill Florence Gary Kuhn
LDC- Math/Science Rick O'HaraGary Kuhn
LDC- PE Marty Limbard Gary Kuhn
LDC- Social Science Jennifer MontgomeryGary Kuhn
Nursing Sally Jasper Gary Kuhn
Vineyard Management Jessica Cortell Gary Kuhn
Visual Communication Christine LinderGary Kuhn
Welding/Welding Fabrication Mike Myers Gary Kuhn
Wine Business Michael Adams Gary Kuhn
Winemaking Jessica Sandrock Gary Kuhn