Chemeketa's English department will help you develop good writing habits, critical thinking skills and reading comprehension proficiencies. Most Chemeketa students will take English courses ranging from Introduction to Composition to advanced literature courses like Shakespeare and Early American Literature.

While Chemeketa doesn't offer a degree in English, most transfer degrees require Humanities credits. If you plan to major in English at a four year institution, our English department faculty can help guide you so you'll get the basic requirements needed to jump into junior, 300-level courses.

For information about specific courses, please contact instructors directly. We are here to help, so please contact us with any questions.

Upcoming Events

Soapbox Poetry
12-12:20 pm
Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery, Building 3

Oct. 5- Alissa Neilsen "Volta: Desire and the Dramatic Turn"

Oct. 19- Eva Payne "If Only"

Nov. 2- Magdalen Powers "Lost and Found"

Nov. 16- Jeremy Trabue "Austere and Lonely Offices"

Nov. 30- Jan VanStavern "Love and Other Interruptions"
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