Chemeketa Horticulture Program

Grow and Use Plants to Create a Greener World

Horticulture is the science and art of growing, maintaining and using plants in managed landscapes. At Chemeketa Community College, we offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in horticulture.

The Horticulture program maintains a greenhouse, nursery and garden complex on the east side of Chemeketa's Salem campus. The greenhouse includes 3,000 square feet of heated space and 700 square feet of unheated space where we grow annual and perennial flowers, houseplants, flowering baskets, ground covers and more. In addition, we use the greenhouse space for horticulture labs, student experiments and plant sales throughout the year.

The nursery area is an irrigated yard where we grow trees, shrubs and perennial plants in containers. The beautiful gardens that surround the greenhouse and nursery includes a wide variety of ornamental landscape plants as well as a large section dedicated to vegetables and some small fruits. This is where Chemeketa students get hands-on experience in growing both ornamental and edible plants which prepares them for a wide variety of employment opportunities in the field.

For more information, e-mail or call 503.399.5150.


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