Addiction Studies

The Addiction Studies degree program and the Addiction Counselor certification program prepares students to sit for the Addiction Counselor Certification Board examination. Learn more about the addiction studies field and career opportunities at the Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center.

The two-year program combines academic work with twenty-five credits of field work practicum. The Addiction Studies option requires 15 of the 25 practicum credits to be completed in the addiction area. The total number of credits for the two-year professional technical program is 106.

Field Work (Practicum)

You will have two different practicum sites, or client populations, to work with during your two years of study. Two terms in one agency count as one practicum site. You must complete 15 credits of the 25 required credits in an agency providing addiction services. Review your responsibilities as a practicum student and visit our field work web page for more information.

Students recovering from chemical dependency who elect the Addiction Studies option must have a minimum of two years continuous sobriety in an unrestricted environment before they will be referred to practicum.





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