Our Faculty

Full-time human services faculty at Chemeketa hold master's degrees and have work experience in the field.

Yolanda Martinez, Program Chair & Referral Coordinator
Yolanda T. Martinez, Yolanda has taught at Chemeketa since 2001. She has worked in youth, family, and mental health counseling, and career counseling before becoming college faculty. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and do-it-yourself projects.

Cathy Busha
Cathy Busha, MSW, joined Chemeketa's faculty in 2011. Previously she worked in various roles in the non-profit sector for fifteen years, as well as taught middle school and high school students. She enjoys hiking, camping and organic gardening.

Christina Steiger Morris
Christina joined our faculty in 2013. She has worked in addiction and mental health services since 2001 and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Once upon a time she had time to read novels and knit.

Wanda Urban
Wanda has been on our faculty since 1999 and has worked in addiction services since 1985. She is still knitting her first sweater.

For more information, contact the program chair, e-mail the Human Services office or call 503.399.5048.