Field Work (Practicum)

Involving you as an active member of a helping agency integrates academic and practical experience. Practicum is literally instruction in the field. You will be placed in a human service agency under the direct supervision of agency personnel. Each practicum placement will reflect your interests, ability and educational goals.

Students with criminal histories may be prevented from obtaining the necessary field experience required for program completion.

Practicum Objectives
System Skills

  • Develop an awareness of the philosophy, activities, and practices of the agency
  • Develop a capacity to work with agency staff in establishing and maintaining your place in the agency

Service Skills

  • Develop and practice the skills necessary to work with clients served by the agency

Personal Skills

  • Develop, practice, and evaluate the values, attitudes, and skills that you possess and/or acquire as a human service worker

Practicum Sites
We collaborate with the leading social service agencies in the area. Follow the link and click on an agency’s name for a description of what you can expect from your practicum at each site.

Practicum Credits
  • HS 284 = 4 credits - 11 hours per week at agency for 10 weeks = 110 hours/agency/term
  • HS 285 = 5 credits - 14 hours per week at agency for 10 weeks = 140 hours/agency/term
  • HS 286 = 6 credits - 17 hours per week at agency for 10 weeks = 170 hours/agency/term
  • HS 287 = 7 credits - 20 hours per week at agency for 10 weeks = 200 hours/agency/term
  • HS 288 = 8 credits - 23 hours per week at agency for 10 weeks = 230 hours/agency/term

Review your responsibilities as a practicum student and visit our field work web page for more information.

For more information, email or call 503.399.5058.