Student Responsibilities

You are expected to apply yourself and your learning in a field work service opportunity, agreeing to -

  1. Authorize college staff to release appropriate information as necessary in developing a practicum placement
  2. Return to your academic advisor a training agreement signed by you and your agency representative prior to beginning a new practicum placement
    1. No practicum hours will be credited before the signed training agreement is returned to your advisor
  3. Inform college staff and your referral coordinator if credit hours our increased or decreased after registering so the training agreement can be changed accordingly
  4. Develop learning objectives with the assistance of your agency supervisor and college staff
  5. Work the number of hours per week as determined by the credit formula
  6. Follow all rules, regulations and safety requirements of the practicum site
  7. Fulfill the responsibilities assigned by your agency
  8. Report any on-the-job accidents or illnesses to your agency supervisor immediately and complete appropriate forms
  9. Discuss with your agency supervisor and practicum instructor any problems arising between you and agency staff
  10. Be drug and alcohol free while at the practicum site
  11. Prior to the end of the term, submit a signed statement to college staff certifying the number of agency hours completed

While on the practicum site you will be held to the codes of behavior found in the Chemeketa student rights and responsibilities.