Program Requirements

The Human Services program is open to anyone in the community. You must meet certain academic standards in math, reading, and writing before enrolling in human services classes. Prior to entering our associate degree program, we want you to pass with a C or better -

  • Writing 121 English Composition
  • HS 152 Stress Management

An initial assessment of your college readiness is completed for all students enrolling at Chemeketa Community College, and based on that assessment; you may be required to complete certain pre-requisite classes prior to enrolling in Human Services classes.

Students recovering from chemical dependency who elect the Addiction Studies option or Addiction Counselor certification must have a minimum of two years continuous sobriety in an unrestricted environment before they will be referred to practicum.

Students with criminal histories may be prevented from obtaining certain field work experiences.

Take a look at our Program Handbook to find out more about the program, or visit our practicum notebook to learn about our practicum sites.

For more information, email or call 503.399.5058.