Getting Started

The first step to entering the program is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college's free placement test and meeting with Advising and Counseling Services. Then your advisor will help you develop an individualized program of study by reviewing the 2016-2017 Human Services Courses with you to reach your goal.

The Human Services Program is a limited enrollment program with a two-year degree option or a one-year certificate option, that admits students in the fall term. An application for admission to the program is required.

To meet with an advisor, contact Advising and Counseling Services at 503.399.5120 for assistance with details.


Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

This program does not require background checks or drug screening before entering into the program. However, you might want to familiarize yourself with how future employers might use these procedures. Whether you are hired or promoted for a job may depend on the information revealed in a background check. Job applicants, existing employees, and volunteers may be required to submit to background checks and/or drug screens by federal or state law. For more information, visit

Students recovering from chemical dependency who elect the Addiction Studies option or Addiction Counselor certification must have a minimum of two years continuous sobriety in an unrestricted environment before they will be referred to practicum.

Students with criminal histories may be prevented from obtaining certain field work experiences.

Please review our Program Handbook to find out more about the program, or visit our practicum notebook to learn about our practicum sites.



For questions, email or call 503.399.5058.