Management Careers

Completing management classes will enable you to be a leader in many careers. Positions in management range from entry level jobs such as manager trainees or assistant-manager positions all the way to top-level management, such as VP of Operations, in public or private sectors with businesses or non-profit organizations.

Some careers in management may include -

General or Operations Manager

  • Responsible for overall business operations
  • Small to large organizations
  • May serve in one location or large geographical areas
  • Middle level to top management

Functional Manager

  • Responsible for certain units or departments within an organization
  • Examples are managers of human resources, finance, and marketing departments
  • Middle to top management in larger organizations

Sales Manager

  • Responsible for the revenue generating operations of an organization
  • Usually middle to top management level in small to large organizations
  • May serve in one location or large geographical areas

Retail Management

  • Management of department or organization that sells directly to the public
  • Entry level to top management
  • Usually in one department or location

Procurement Management

  • Responsible for activities of the purchasing and requisitioning department of an organization
  • Entry level to top management

Our management career pathway map diagrams every step of the process -

  • Enrolling at Chemeketa
  • Important classes
  • Program certificates and degrees
  • Transferring credits
  • Employment outlook

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