Our Program

Our experienced faculty offer you instruction in all aspects of management, including -

 Students completing the Management AAS will -

  • Explain how the strategic plan of a business interrelates with functional areas in order to fulfill the mission and purpose of an organization
  • Work as a team member and/or leader using effective com­munication strategies including writing, listening, speaking, negotiating, and persuading skills
  • Use technology to produce, research, and interpret finan­cial, marketing, or business reports
  • Identify the legal, ethical, and financial consequences of decisions to business organizations

Students completing the Procurement Certificate will -

  • Employ a basic understanding of procurement literacy through use of terms and definitions
  • Apply math and computer skills requisite with industry expectations
  • Apply standards in making ethical decisions in situations involving procurement activities
  • Use procurement sourcing methods to locate supplies or services through market research
  • Apply project management tools and processes for on-time and on-budget completion of projects
  • Relate contract administration and management activities to procurement practices

Students completing the Retail Management Certificate will -

  • Use communication skills with individuals and groups in retail settings
  • Apply math and computer skills requisite with industry expectations
  • Evaluate and select marketing and retailing strategies
  • Apply basic accounting theory and practice to a service or retail setting
  • Explain the impact, roles, skills, responsibilities, and ac­countability of supervisors/managers in managing, leading, and controlling human resources within an organization

Does business management sound like a career for you? Take a look at our curriculum and prerequisite requirements and our program course descriptions for more details on what we offer.

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