Review Material

There are a number of good sites for reviewing algebra. Here are just a few.

  • starts with basic algebra and works up through trigonometry.
  • has brief overviews of nearly every topic for Math 20 up through Math 111.
  • Patrick's Just Math Tutorials has hundreds of tutorials. If you can't find what you need there, then the chances are good that the Khan Academy has what you need.
  • You can find more video examples, by students and instructors, at Content ranges from elementary algebra up through calculus.
  • This Interactive Spanish Glossary from Pearson allows you to review audio terms and definitions in English or Spanish.

Math Placement Test

You are strongly encouraged to do a bit of review before taking the Placement Test. Start by going over the 20 questions on the Placement Test Preparation page for math. A video solution is provided for each one. There are also links to extra practice questions and other study resources.


Free, drop-in tutoring is available for math and many other subjects at the Salem Campus, the Yamhill Valley Campus, the Woodburn Center and the Polk Center (Dallas). No appointment is necessary. Online Tutoring is also available. See the Tutoring page for more details.

Calculator Help

If you don't already own a graphing calculator, then you can rent one from the Math Learning Center. They are located in Building 3 Room 277. The rental fee is just $8, with a $22 deposit ($30 total). The security deposit is refunded to your account as long as you return the calculator promptly at the end of the term.

We recommend you use either a Texas Instruments TI-83 or a TI-84. The following tutorials will help you learn to use your calculator efficiently.