LPN to RN Entry Process

Chemeketa has a process in place by which LPN's who are currently licensed in Oregon can become eligible to be on a wait list for possible openings into the second year of Chemeketa's Associate Degree Nursing Program. After completion of the steps below, transfer students will be placed on the wait list for fall term of the second year of the program. Students need to complete in the following order -

  1. Must have a current, unencumbered LPN License
    • For applicants from another state, check with the Oregon State Board of Nursing at 503.731.4745 or www.osbn.state.or.us for information on transferring a license to Oregon
  2. Work experience
    • Is strongly recommended for applicants who have completed their practical nursing curriculum more than one year before applying.
  3. General education coursework
    • Transfer all general education coursework to Chemeketa and have these transcripts evaluated by Admissions (503.399.5006) to determine if coursework meets Chemeketa's requirements for graduation from the Nursing Program and are current where time limits apply.
        • Required science courses must be taken within seven years of re-entry or complete an appropriate alternative science course as approved by the Dean of Health Sciences
        • Only coursework from accredited programs can be considered
        • Depending upon the results of this review, there may still be general education courses students will need to complete
    • Submit official transcripts of courses completed through other colleges and/or universities along with the Request for Evaluation and Transfer of Previous Credit.
  4. Kaplan Nursing Transition exam
    • For transfer students (students who did not graduate from Chemeketa's LPN program), register for and pass the Kaplan Nursing Transition exam. Applicants must possess a current, unencumbered LPN license to take the exam.
    • This exam is offered three times per year - November, January and May
    • Applicants who need to take this exam must make an appointment with the Dean of Health Sciences (503.399.5058) to discuss program requirements and approaches for studying the the exam
    • Registration is required by the timelines as noted in the fall, winter or spring schedule of classes
    • Applicants who do not achieve an acceptable score on the exam can re-test once. Students must pay the non-refundable exam fee to re-test
    • Scores remain current for five years after the exam is taken
    • Applicants must also take NUR272 Pathophysiology for Nurses (3 credits) and PHM230 Pharmaceutical Drug Classifications (3 credits). If NUR272 is not passed with a grade of C or higher, then you must take BI231, BI232, and BI233
  5. Wait List
    • After all general education coursework is in place, either through transfer or by taking classes at Chemeketa, and after an applicant has successfully completed the Kaplan Nursing Transition exam, they will need to meet with the Dean of Health Sciences 503.399.5058) to review their request to be placed on a wait list for NUR206 during fall term at the RN level of the program
    • This offer of admission will be based upon space available
    • This is determined in large part by the number of students moving directly from the first year into the second year of the program

For further information, contact Chemeketa’s Counseling and Advising Office at 503.399.5120 or Nursing at 503.399.5058.