Qualified trainees for your business

Your work-site training can create skilled, employable workers in your industry and help participating trainees reach their potential.

What Is Occupational Skills Training?

  • OST is an effective, economical, work-based training program that prepares individuals for successful employment
  • With a curriculum designed for a career appropriate for their skills, abilities and interests, students learn employable skills at a work-site from the experts in the field
  • Participants may earn college credit and will achieve a Certificate of Completion by successfully completing program requirements

Employer benefits

A non-paid OST intern can mean -

  • A trainee who can apply skills learned to assist in the workplace
  • A trainee fully covered by Workmen’s Comp. Insurance through Chemeketa Community College
  • A well-trained potential employee for your company if you choose to hire them upon completion of the program

As an occupational skills training site, you will -

  • Assist in developing an individualized training plan
  • Provide quality instruction, feedback and supervision to a trainee for skills needed in the field
  • Provide trainee evaluations including completion of monthly progress reports and participation in quarterly on-site evaluations with Chemeketa's OST Coordinator

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