Occupational Skills Training for Students

Occupational Skills Training (OST) is an effective, economical program that can help you prepare for successful employment.  Setting realistic goals and learning new skills can go a long way toward building a bright future, especially for people who are out of work due to job displacement, injury, disability or other circumstances. 

A variety of occupational areas may be appropriate for the Occupational Skills Training program. Related classroom instruction may be included in the program if deemed part of the approved training plan.

What are the benefits of Occupational Skills Training?

  • Gain work experience and references
  • Training targets skills needed for employment in nearly every industry
  • Learn job skills on a work site rather than in a classroom setting
  • Flexible and individualized approach to training
  • Earn college credits and achieve a Certificate of Completion by successfully completing program requirements
  • Enhance the value of your college certificate or degree (associates, bachelors or masters) by adding experience to your resume
  • Training available to students statewide
  • Open entry program - start any time of the year

Is there a charge for OST?

Tuition and fees apply - OST is a credit-based program that can be full or part time.  Credits per term are based on the total number of contact hours at the training site. 

Certain career goals may require additional charges to cover the cost of required materials, certifications or background checks.

Will I get to meet the training site supervisor in an interview before making a decision?

Yes, students and potential training site supervisors meet for an interview to ensure that both agree this is a good fit before a commitment is made. 

Will I need to complete a Criminal Background Check or Drug Testing?

OST does not require background checks or drug testing, however many training sites do.  For some jobs, screening is required by federal or state law. The current emphasis on security and safety has dramatically increased the number of employment background checks conducted.  You might want to familiarize yourself with how your future employers use these procedures when you are selecting a career goal.

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