Includes instruction and hands-on training in the basic knowledge and technical skills required for successful employment as a winemaker in the cool-climate wine industry. Training is appropriate for employees or potential employees of wineries or for people wanting to establish such a business.

Degree & certificate requirements

Oregon is home to over 900 vineyards. At our last count we have 545 wineries and we're adding more each year at a double-digit rate. There are approximately 14,000 wine-related jobs in the state, and we're not even counting the job opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

Our Cooperative Work Experience program will set you up with an internship related to winemaking where you will have the opportunity to work at a site to gain specific skills and strengthen your professional network.

Admission and paying for college

Apply now. It's free and once you are in there are many ways to pay for the education you need. Be sure to look at the Willamette Valley Viticulture Scholarship generously funded by the Erath Family Foundation. It is one of many Chemeketa Foundation scholarships you can apply for in February of each year. And be sure to consider all your other financial aid options.

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