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Potential Training Agents

Benefit your business by signing up as a training agent for HVAC/R and Sheet Metal programs.

Become an Apprentice Training Agent

Sign up as a training agent for HVAC/R and Sheet Metal programs. Encourage employees to apply for openings, and request possible new employees from the pool of applicants.

HVAC/R and Sheet Metal apprenticeship programs provide solutions by providing on-the-job training and related training in the classroom.  As a training agents, you invest in apprentices and gain journey-level workers at the end of the four-year program. HVAC/R apprentices test for their LEB license with building codes.

Chemeketa serves as the program administrator and provides required related training at the Salem Campus for both Mid-Valley Sheet Metal and Mid-Valley HVAC/R Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees. 


Please contact Apprenticeship for the application.

  • HVAC/R Training Agent


    Mid-Valley HVAC/R, MA 2026, is a four-year apprenticeship program that trains HVAC/R technicians by combing related training classes at the Chemeketa Community College Salem campus with 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Specific training requirements are listed below. Chemeketa Apprenticeship administers this program. 

    Training Agent Expectations

    As a participating training agent, you agree to the following:

    • Hire applicants from the pool of eligibles and help recruit applicants.
    • Approve hours monthly using the online program WorkHands, and fill out recommendations for advancement twice per year.
    • Complete an annual wage survey each fall, and follow the scale (training agents may pay more).
    • Train apprentices on required work processes (listed below).
    • Release apprentices from work in time for them to attend related training classes.
    • Complete an apprentice release form when an apprentice leaves your employment.
    • Provide a safe work environment for apprentices and anti-harassment training for all employees who interact with apprentices (guidance is available from Chemeketa Apprenticeship).
    • Assist apprentices in getting First-Aid/CPR certification within the first six months of apprenticeship.

    Training Agent Application Process

    HVAC/R companies interested in applying to be a training agent with the program follow the following steps:

    • Fill out, sign if applicable, and return the required documents by mail or email to the Chemeketa Apprenticeship Office. 
      • Training agent application
      • Acknowledgment of receipt of Policies and Standards
      • Fee agreement 
      • Copy of the LE/B or equivalent license for journey-level worker(s)
      • Photos for the site visit requirements and form
      • BOLI Registration form
    • Once the documentation is received, the committee members will vote to approve the application.
    • Once approved as a training agent, Chemeketa Apprenticeship will notify you and set-up your record in WorkHands and initiate creating your account with Business Services at Chemeketa.

    HVAC/R Work Processes and Hours

    1. Installation & Service of HVAC Systems - 2000 Hours
    2. Duct Design & Air Flow - 1000 Hours
    3. Basic Refrigeration & Theory - 500 Hours
    4. Piping, Brazing & Soldering - 500 Hours
    5. Limited Energy Installations, including: conduit, flex tray & duct, control panels & controls, wiring devices, removal & finish work, stock room & materials, overhead & underground - 1750 Hours
    6. Troubleshooting & maintenance - 250 Hours
    7. Communications systems, including: data tele-communication, intercom, paging; Specialized control systems, including: HVAC, medical, boiler, clock, instrumentation - 2000 Hours

    Related Training 

    Chemeketa Apprenticeship uses the NCCER HVAC/R curriculum for related training.

    Classes are offered in sequence and start in the fall. The cost is approximately $676 a quarter. Textbooks are currently available digitally without charge. There is usually an LE/B test prep course offered in the summer for students testing soon.


    Training agents agree to train apprentices and pay a monthly fee to Chemeketa Apprenticeship, which is a $25 set fee plus $40 per apprentice per month. Training agents are billed quarterly by Chemeketa Business Services.

    Ratio Requirements

    The ratio requirement is one apprentice per journey-level worker. For electrical hours, apprentices must be supervised by someone with an LE/B license or equivalent.

    LE/B Exam

    Apprentices are referred to take the Limited Energy B Class Technicians License exam (LE/B) upon completion of their OJT hours and related training. Apprentices have six months to pass the test or are completed without benefit of license from the program.