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Course Descriptions

SSC100 American Indian Languages
Introduces the diversity and cultural contexts of American Indian Languages. Explores historic migrations, ways of word-borrowing, humor, and musical texts. Also covers gender issues, ecological concerns, spirituality and political views of their speakers combined with rudiments of linguistics, phonetics, writing systems and efforts to revitalize indigenous languages. Offered as needed.
3 Credits

SSC285 Dynamics of a Diverse Wrkplace
Focuses on building diversity knowledge, intercultural experiences, and preparing for career entry in an increasingly diverse workplace. Introduces a broadly defined conceptualization of diversity, the vocabulary of difference, and fundamental core concepts associated with intercultural competency. Examines demographic trends, our changing communities, and employer expectations for intercultural competency. Offered as needed
1 Credits

SSC290 Introduction to Research
Focuses on the basic skills essential to ethical conduct of research in the biomedical and social sciences. Covers research misconduct, conflict of interest, use of human and non-human animal subjects in research, research collaboration, peer review, data acquisition and ownership, responsible authorship an publishing, the scientist as a responsible member of society, contemporary and historical issues in biomedical ethics, and the environment and societal impacts of scientific research. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Offered as needed
4 Credits