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Course Descriptions

SOC204 The Sociological Perspective
Introduces and employs the sociological imagination to explore society and social experience. Emphasizes the complex relationships between individuals and society by introducing students to a diverse range of sociological approaches. Includes socialization, social structure, social interaction, culture, groups, stratification, social class, deviance, social science methodology, and the intellectual history of sociology. F, W, Sp, Su; CL
4 Credits

SOC205 United States Society
Examines organized systems of behavior and how institutions interrelate and impact individuals and groups. Emphasizes the differential benefits of established social arrangements. Covers the family, government, religion, education, health care and medicine, the economy, formal organizations, and the sociology of work. Although focus is on U.S. society, global themes are explored. F, W, Sp, Su; CL
4 Credits

SOC206 Social Problems
Applies the sociological perspective to the causes and consequences of social problems and examines the ways in which problems are constructed and defined. Covers inequalities based on race, ethnicity, gender, and age as well as problems such as crime, urbanization, population change, poverty, health, and the environment. Explores public policy and sociologically-informed solutions. F, W, Sp, Su; CL
4 Credits

SOC210 Sociology of the Family
Offers a sociological perspective of the family, marriage, partnerships, and family life in the U.S. Treats the family as a social institution and focuses on structural arrangements, social inequalities, social problems, and socialization processes that impact family forms and experiences. F, W, Sp, Su; CL
4 Credits

SOC213 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Offers a sociological perspective of race and ethnicity in the U.S. Treats race and ethnicity as systems of social relations and analyzes how racial domination operates in politics, place, education, economic matters, associations, families, and other fields of social life. Offered as Needed; CL
4 Credits

SOC221 Juvenile Delinquency
Examines the nature, extent, causes, reaction, and control of juvenile delinquency in the United States from a sociological frame of reference. F, W, Sp, Su
4 Credits

SOC223 Sociology of the Environment and Sustainability
Introduces the sociological study of the environment and sustainability. Explores environmental and sustainability issues associated with natural resource utilization, energy consumption, and globalization. Focuses on the impact of social systems, social processes, and public policy. Examines environmental ideologies, collective behavior, and social change in relation to environmentalism and sustainability efforts. Offered as needed; CL
4 Credits

SOC224 Sociology of Violence, Terrorism, and War
Introduces the sociological study of violence, terrorism, and war. Explores violence within the context of domestic and international terrorism and war. Focuses on the role of social institutions, issues of power and inequality, social interaction, and cultural components as they relate to violence, terrorism, and war. Examines emerging strategies in prevention, responses, and engagement as well as the social costs of violence, terrorism, and war. Offered as needed; CL
4 Credits

SOC232 Death and Dying: A Socio-Cultural Perspective
Introduces the study of death and dying from a socio-cultural frame of reference. Studies social attitudes, cultural perspectives, and social-institutional factors associated with death and dying. Explores aspects of end-of-life issues, bereavement, and the after life. F, W, Sp, Su; CL
4 Credits