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Course Descriptions

TA110 Introduction to Theatre
Explores the theatre arts from the audience perspective. Introduces styles and genres, theatre architecture, play analysis, and elements of production, with a focus on contemporary theatre in the United States. Students develop a critical and informed response to performances of all types. Requires viewing of two local theatre productions. W
4 Credits

TA141 Acting 1
Introduces the skills and techniques of acting for the stage focusing on the actor’s instrument of body, voice, and mind. Includes voice and movement, improvisation games, script analysis, performance evaluation, and the rehearsal process. Improves public speaking and confidence for the non-actor and develops stage presence and essential skills for the beginning actor. F, SP
4 Credits

TA142 Script Analysis
Features critical analysis and appreciation of drama from the classical Greek to contemporary periods, including works written by an international range of playwrights. Introduces concepts and types of dramatic literature, including comedy and tragedy, as well as the elements and conventions of drama as both a literary and performing art. Offered as needed.
3 Credits

TA242 Acting 2: Modern
Examines the modern theater forms form Chekov through contemporary experimental forms in order to create an understanding of the historical and literary background that leads to careful character development and theatrical appreciation. Prerequisite: TA141 and TA142. Offered as needed.
3 Credits