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Supply Lists & Textbooks

Find what textbooks or supplies you'll need for your Community Education class.

  • Arduino

    The Arduino Starter Kit (Official Kit from Arduino with 170-page Arduino Project book)
    ASIN: B009UKZV0A

  • Biblical Hebrew

    The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew
    Simon and Motzkin
    ISBN 978-0939144150

  • Captivating Presentations


    USB memory drive (with presentation if one has been started)

  • Digital Media, Audio Recording & Editing


    Computer compatible with ProTools/First

  • Digital Storytelling


    • Headphones
    • Laptop (if available)
    • USB memory drive


    Arrivederci! 1 for English Speakers

    Colombo, Garaci, De Luca

    ISBN: 978-960-693-121-5


  • Painting in Acrylics


    Find supplies at locations –

    • Chemeketa Community College Bookstore 
    • Michael’s Art and Craft (coupons online at
    • Craft Warehouse
    • Art Department (locally owned)
    • ( for coupon codes)         

    Liquitex brand paint will be used. Such expensive paints as Graham & Co. provide better coverage.

    (Avoid “opaque” yellow, as companies add white paint to it and any color you attempt to make from it will always become a pastel)

    Very basic paint list –              

    • Cadmium Yellow Medium                                        
    • Alizarin Crimson or Cadmium Red Medium                      
    • Ultramarine Blue or Phthalocyanine Blue             
    • Black                                                                
    • White                                                                

    Expanded paint list (add items below) –

    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Phthalocyanine Blue

    You will need –                

    1. Drawing paper for the first day will be provided.  After the first day, you may choose to practice your painting on canvas, canvas board, illustration board or purchase more paper.
    2. At least two different sized soft bristle craft brushes (one for detail and one for larger area painting) NOTE: There are excellent assorted sets of brushes with varied bristle shape and size at Michael’s/Walmart/Craft Warehouse for around $7. Avoid natural brushes. Look for brush heads that seem soft, uniform and facing the same direction.
    3. Palette knife (the one that looks like a pie serving knife is best)
    4. Paper plates for mixing colors
  • Photo Mosaic
    • Utility razor knife with new blades
    • 12 inch carpenter square
    • 24 inch metal straight edge
    • Black sharpie marker
    • 20 inch by 20 inch piece of cardboard
    • Soft 12 inch square piece of cloth or handkerchief
    • Pencils
    • 10-20 small photo prints - 4 inch by 6 inch or less to be cut up for mosaics. (Bring copies, not original priceless prints)
  • Podcasting


    • Headphones
    • Laptop (if available)
    • USB memory drive
  • Spanish


    Spanish Now! Level 1
    ISBN 978-1438075235

  • Tap Dance


    Tap shoes required. Your choice of style, but low-heel is preferred.

  • Ukulele


    The Daily Ukulele
    Jim and Liz Beloff
    ISBN 1423477758

  • Watercolor


    Paint list (Recommended brands M. Graham & Co., Windsor & Newton)

    • Cad Yellow Medium and/or Azo Yello (or Lemon if only available)
    • Alizarin Crimson (or Quinacridone Red) and/or Cad Red Medium
    • Ultramarine Blue and/or Phthalocyanine Blue
    • Optional: Paynes Grey and Sepia (or Burnt Sienna)

    Please also bring –

    • One piece loose watercolor paper to first class OR purchase a pre-stretched watercolor block #140 weight
    • Two or more bristled craft brushes in different sizes (one detail, one fill) 
    • One square shaped brush 1-2 inches wide used for wetting the surface
    • A surface to mix colors: 9 x 12-inch acrylic palette or acrylic/watercolor paint mix tray (white surface makes color mixing much easier)
    • Optional: Palette paper so you may dispose of the mix when done if preferable
    • Pencil or pen
  • Welding


    All Classes

    • Leather gloves
    • Leather shoes
    • Hood with # 10 lens (ARC, M.I.G, T. I.G)
    • Safety glasses
    • Extra plastic cover lenses
    • Ear Plugs (recommended, but not required)
    • Something to take notes on


    • Chipping Hammer
    • Wire brush
    • (2) 11R or 11sp vise grips
    • fillet weld gauges (advanced arc only as needed)


    • Tweco .035 and .045 contact tips (#14, 14H, or 14T only)
    • Wire brush
    • Wire cutters
    • (2) 11r or 11sp vise grips


    • Tip Cleaner
    • Pliers
    • Striker
    • Goggles/glasses/ face shield in #4 or 5 shade
    • Vise grips


    • 3/32 2% thoriated (radioactive), Ceriated, or Lanthanated (non-radioactive)
    • All Torch parts must fit a Weldcraft wp-20 Torch
    • tungsten
    • 3/32 pure tungsten
    • 3/32 collets
    • 3/32 collet bodies
    • Back cap
    • Gas cups
    • Pliers
    • 2 SS toothbrushes


    Call 503.399.5255, or email instructor Terry Calderwood.