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Threat Management Online Courses

Threat assessment professionals now have convenient access for continuing education with online classes. These courses focus on giving threat assessment professionals essential information to prevent targeted violence.

Threat Management Course Descriptions

TM 100A – Fundamentals of Threat Assessment

Provides an introduction of Threat Assessment and Management. Covers the history and evolution of threat assessment. Includes topics that give the participant a better understanding of the need for and design of a Threat Assessment Team. This includes the history and evolution of threat assessment along with key concepts and definitions.

TM 100B – Conducting Threat Assessment

Gather the essential elements needed for conducting behavioral threat assessments. Learn how and when to use different assessment tools. This includes interviewing, information gathering, while using a team approach. Implement effective ways to track your progress with efficient record keeping and documentation.

TM 100C – Threat Management

Understand the threat management principles and processes. Learn about risk factors, inhibitors, and mitigating factors as it relates to the pathway to violence. This includes interpreting, and evaluating information and deploying safety protocols through a multi-disciplinary team approach.

TM 100D – Research and Best Practices

Get the most current research and best practices on the key elements of threat management principles including multi-disciplinary teams, communication strategies, and emotional intelligence. Understand team dynamics and how to effectively share information across disciplines.

TM 100E – Legal Implications

Understand the key elements of legal implications within threat assessment and management teams. Know the importance of confidentiality, mandatory reporting, and applicable federal and state laws.

TM 100F – Ethical Implications

Learn about the ethical implications for a threat assessment professional. Using case studies to work through ethical dilemmas and various legalities applicable for individuals, teams, and institutions. Know when you have the duty to warn and to protect.

TM 100G – Behavioral and Mental Health

Provides information on mental health, personality disorders, psychopathology and the relationship to targeted violence.

TM 100H – Investigative Strategies

Provides information on actuarial tools, clinical assessments, and the use of Structured Professional Judgment.

TM 100J – Cyber Investigation

Provides information on social media monitoring, data mining tools and online research techniques.

TM 100K – Threat Assessment for Places of Worship & Non-profits

Provides tools to evaluate and implement emergency plans including recognizing signs of a threatening situation.

TM 100L – Threat Assessment in Educational Settings

Provides key elements for threat assessment and management within learning environments.

TM 100M – Threat Assessment Case Studies

Provides scenario-based practice for threat assessment and management strategies and techniques.

TM 100N – Workplace Violence

Provides key elements of prevention, mitigation and response of workplace and community targeted violence for professionals in business and industry.

TM 100Q – Threat Assessment Teams

Provides key elements of prevention, mitigation and response of workplace and community targeted violence for professionals in business and industry.