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Branding to Build Trust

Showing our best, true self to our audiences.

Marketing Services

The Office of Marketing, Public Relations and Student Recruitment provides a range of resources to college colleagues –

  • Student recruitment promotions & events
  • Marketing strategy consultation
  • Marketing material production
  • Event promotion
  • Social media management and consultation
  • News articles on the public website & Chemeketa Connects employee blog
  • News media relations
  • Communications to employees and current students
  • Photography
  • Management of the public website
  • Signage in existing buildings

Brand Identity System

We are also responsible for upholding the standards of the college brand identity system. We define brand as the nature of an organization’s relationship with its audience. That relationship could be strong, weak, positive or negative. We seek strong, positive relationships. A strong relationship between Chemeketa and our students, community and employees is built through consistent, high quality experiences.

Therefore, we apply standards for quality to consistently create positive Chemeketa experiences. Consistent, high quality experiences create trust. Trust is the primary benefit of a strong brand. Our students will trust us to deliver on the promises we make about learning here. Our community will trust we are good stewards of their financial investment in us. Our employees will trust that their investment of time and energy will result in making a positive difference in lives and communities.

See our Brand Identity System standards for more information.


    The Brand Identity System site on Employee Dashboard has templates you can use to create –

    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Flyers
    • Electronic stationery

    Our staff is available to help should your communication needs go beyond the prepared templates. Our copywriting, graphic design and project management skills are free to you. We usually require that you pay for reproduction. We can provide print estimates for your approval, and we can help you design a piece to fit tight budgets.

    We suggest the following process for our collaboration –

    1. Contact our office to schedule a meeting to start work
    2. Prepare to engage us in a conversation about your audience and how you benefit them
    3. Give us a deadline, preferably at least eight weeks after our meeting date
    4. Tell us what your budget is for this project
  • Promotion Contacts
    Chemeketa Promotion Contacts
    Medium/ChannelContact(s)What to send

    Event Calendar

    • Chemeketa.edu
    • Employee Dashboard

    Denise Thompson

    • Event title
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • Audience
      • All students?
      • All employees?
      • Open to community?
      • All of the above?
    • Brief description
    • Contact for more information (if applicable)

    News blogs

    • Chemeketa Connects
    • Chemeketa.edu

    News release

    Pick one

    Greg Harris

    Robert LaHue

    Meghan Gallop

    • All calendar information
    • Additional details/longer description
    • Quotes and/or person we could get a quote from
    • Pictures (if possible)

    Social media

    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

    Digital monitors

    Street reader signs


    Robert LaHue
    • Calendar information
    • Design Op image for monitor or social media (if applicable)

    Posters on College Life boards, additional printed materials

    Matching digital monitor displays


    Yesica Navarro

    All staff emails


    Greg Harris 

    Jeannie Odle

    Lynn Irvin




    The Courier

    Kevin Smith

  • Event Promotion Tips & Deadlines
    Event Calendars

    The Chemeketa.edu event calendar is meant to contain all events that pertain to the public (including students) being held at a Chemeketa location OR being hosted by Chemeketa elsewhere. 

    Examples –

    • Planned college closures
    • Chemeketa performing arts events held off campus
    • Events not coordinated by the college being held at a Chemeketa location

    Employee Dashboard calendar contains listings for events that pertain to employees. Examples –

    • Employee events
    • Tech Hub workshops
    • Opportunity Center events
    • Employee development opportunities

    Tips for Success

    • Please make sure all information being submitted is accurate and detailed
    • Submit events as soon as you have it finalized so staff has time to input them and the calendar listing is live long enough to make an impact
    • If you'd like your event posted on both calendars include that in your request


    •  Preferred: As soon as your event details are finalized
    •  Minimum: Two weeks before your event
    News Blogs

    Chemeketa Connects is meant to share news that impacts, informs or entertains employees. Examples –

    • Special events employees are encouraged to attend
    • Big announcements from programs or services –
      • Launching a new program or service
      • Things that affect a significant number of people
    • Stories that add to the connectivity of college employees

    Chemeketa.edu blog is meant to share news that impacts or informs the public (including students). Examples-

    • Special events with a wide or significant public appeal
    • Ways Chemeketa is making significant positive impacts to the community
    • Showcasing significant student or employee successes
    • Mandated announcements

    Tips for Success

    • Blog stories must contain more information than what’s contained on a calendar listing, including quotes, why this is new and exciting, pictures, information on how it impacts the audience, etc.
    • These stories may be published on both blogs depending on its audience reach


    •  Stories stay live as main headlines approximately 2 weeks (and no longer than 4 weeks) before they are archived and available for search
    •  Please allow at least 1 week before publish date (3 weeks before your event)
    News Releases

    News releases are meant to share Chemeketa’s news that significantly impacts the community and mandated announcements.

    Tips for Success

    • Local media determine what is newsworthy and we have no sway in their story choices. Because of this, you should not rely solely on news releases to share your information
    • If you are trying to promote a broad-appeal event to the public, consider submitting your events to the event calendars of local media or tourism sites
    • No matter how great your event or story is, there is a high likelihood news stations WILL NOT come to Chemeketa for anything other than an emergency
    • If you have special connections to reporters use them with our support


    •  Two weeks in advance of event
    Social Media

    Social media are meant to share Chemeketa “slice of life” that includes happenings, deadlines, offerings and random fun items that appear from time to time. The Marketing office operates institutional accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Tips for Success

    • Social media operates on algorithms that control the flow of information presented to a user. So just because Chemeketa’s Facebook page has 11,000 likes or 1,600 followers on Twitter does not mean all of them are going to see your event post
    • These same algorithms favor shares and comments over likes. So once your event in posted, sharing through your personal accounts can be rewarded with wider organic viewership
    • We cannot turn off comment functions. Criticism from the public in posts can and does happen, so be prepared
    • Advertising on Facebook through the college’s account is available. You are responsible to pay for this advertising by providing an org number to Marketing for fund transfers
    • Any included images are subject to the college’s guidelines for individual images in college publications


    • For just a general event posting, please send a request at least two business days prior to the event.
    • If paid advertising through social media is desired, contact at least two weeks before the event in order to have time to develop a target audience, timeframe and budget.

    Digital Monitors

    Digital monitors are meant to share Chemeketa events and advertise departmental services. JPG images are played on a standing rotation controlled by software.

    Tips for Success

    • Visual appeal is critical for a good monitor image, so DIY is not recommended unless you have experience in graphic design and access to good design software. We recommend contacting Design OP to have a quality graphic produced. (This graphic can also be used for social media postings)
    • The monitors operate on a 10-second rotation. The average person reads 2-3 words per second. So it is recommended to have no more than 25 words on a monitor image, ideally no more than 20 words
    • Monitors are often looked at from a significant distance, so avoid small text on images to ensure readability
    • Ensure important time/date/place information is featured prominently on the image


    • Preferred: As soon as event details are finalized
    • Minimum: Two weeks before event
    Street Reader Signs

    Street reader signs are the signs located at the entrances at Lancaster & Cooley and 45th designated for public events (concerts, exhibits, athletics, Planetarium, etc.) and broad special announcements (welcome back, enrollment begins, etc.)

    Tips for Success

    • The signs operate on a rotation of 8 seconds, as restricted by county ordinance
    • Space on the sign is extremely limited, so information is limited to name, time, date and place
    • The signs are part of the college’s emergency communications system. During time of unexpected closure, all standard messaging will be preempted by closure notification


    • Preferred: As soon as event details are finalized
    • Minimum: One week before event
    All Staff Emails

    All Staff Emails are used judiciously as we work in an email rich environment. They are used only events that may of interest to all employees. Consider how else your event has been promoted. If is an article in Chemeketa Connects, it will have been mentioned in the weekly all-staff email This Week on Chemeketa Connects. See the guidelines for all-staff communications.

    Tips for Success

    • Subject should be simple and clear indication of why this message is important
    • Body copy should say what you want people to do
    • When guests can begin to attend and when the event ends
    • Where the event is located
      • Remember we have multiple locations with more than one building. For example, if your event is in Building 2 be sure to identify if it is at the Salem Campus, Yamhill Valley Campus or Brooks Center.
    • Contact for more info


    • One week before event

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