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Course Sequence

See the classes you should take each term to complete the anesthesia technology degree.

Anesthesia Technology Degree Course Sequence

Getting Started

The first step to entering the program is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college’s free placement test and meeting with Chemeketa’s Advising and First Year Programs staff. You may need to complete entry-level courses. Then your advisor will help you develop an individualized program of study. Failure to be assessed may delay your entry into program classes.

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes. The fees for the program are subject to change.

Program Prerequisites
Course Title Credit Hours
BI112 Cell Biology Health Occupation 4
BI231  Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
BI232 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
BI233 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (or higher) 5
PSY201  Psychology: Mind and Bod 4
WR121  Academic Composition 4

Program Core Courses

Course Sequence
Term Course Title Credit Hours
1 ANES101  Introduction to Anesthesia Technology 4
1 ANES103 Anesthesia Technology Lab 1 3
1 ANES112 Operating Room Equipment 2
1 PHM243 Pharmacology 1 for the Anesthesia Technologist 3
2 ANES104 Anesthesia Technology Lab 2 4
2 ANES110 Medical Law and Ethics for Anesthesia Technologist 4
2 PHM244 Pharmacology 1 for the Anesthesia Technologist 4
3 ANES102 Anesthesia Equipment: Principles and
3 ANES105 Anesthesia Technology Lab 3 4
3 ANES130 ACLS/PALS with EKG Analysis 4
4 ANES203  Anesthesia Technology Lab 4 4
4 ANES204 Anesthesia Technology Lab 5 8
5 ANES210 Anesthesia Technology Clinical Practicum 1 4
5 ANES211 Anesthesia Technology Clinical Practicum 2 8
6 ANES212A Anesthesia Technology Clinical Practicum 3A 4
6 ANES212B Anesthesia Technology Clinical Practicum 3B 5
6 ANES215 Anesthesia Technology Certification Exam Prep 3