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Placement Assessment

Find out which courses are best suited for your success.

Coronavirus update

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Chemeketa campus locations are physically closed and we are operating remotely (off-campus). Placement assessment is being conducted using a variety of options. To begin, start here - placement assessment. You will receive a response within 3-5 business days with information about your placement.

What is Placement Assessment?

Chemeketa uses the Next Generation Accuplacer testing platform to determine your current skill level in reading, writing and math before you register for classes. Depending on your test results, you may be required to take developmental courses to prepare for college credit classes, so it's important that you be prepared to do your best on the placement assessments.

Who Needs to Test?

Most new students take the Accuplacer placement assessment to identify the best beginning courses for optimal success. You'll need to know your placement before attending a new student advising session so advisors can help you plan.

Instead of taking Accuplacer you may be able to use another method for placement, such as 11th grade Smarter Balanced (SBAC) scores, GED scores, placement scores from another college, or prior college credit.  You can submit score reports or transcripts for review by following the instructions under "Other Methods for Placement" shown below.

Where is Placement Assessment Located? 

Salem Campus Placement Assessment is located in Building 2, Room 101.  Our parking lots are named for colors.  The nearest parking lot to Placement Assessment is the green lot shown on the Salem Campus Map. Parking permits are required; visitor permits are available at the information booth just past the first intersection after you go through our main entrance. Visitor permits must be placed on the dash of a vehicle date side up so they are visible and legible.

  • No appointment is required, but allow plenty of time for parking, check-in and testing.  
  • Placement Assessment is open year round except for all-College closure days.

About Testing

  • About the Accuplacer Placement Test

    Be Prepared for the Accuplacer Placement Test

    • A photo ID is required every time you test.  The College Board determines acceptable forms of ID as –
      • Drivers license
      • High School ID
      • College ID
      • State or federal ID card
      • Passport
      • Tribal ID card
      • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
      • College Board official ID form
    • Accuplacer can take up to two hours, but this varies, depending on the student, and we do not set a time limit for completing the test
    • There are two tests - one for reading and writing placement and another for math
    • You can take the two tests on separate days if you prefer
    • The test is free the first time; a re-test in the same calendar year costs $15 (cash or check)
    • We provide you with paper, pencil, calculator, etc.  
    • If you're taking the test, but not enrolling at Chemeketa, the cost is $25 (cash or check)

    Testing hours and follow-up advising are available at other locations. Call for a scheduled test or check walk-in hours before arriving to test. Timing and availability of advisors may vary at each location.

    Chemeketa Polk 
    1340 SE Holman Ave.
    Dallas, OR 97338
    Call 503.623.5567 to schedule a test time

    Chemeketa Woodburn
    120 E Lincoln St.
    Woodburn OR 97071
    Call 503.981.8820 to schedule a test time

    Yamhill Valley Campus
    288 NE Norton Lane
    McMinnville, Oregon 97128
    Call 503.472.9482

Other Methods for Placement


    If you're an Oregon student who took the 11th grade Smarter Balanced (SBAC) test, you may be able to use your scores for placement up to one year after high school graduation.  They can also be used for your Chemeketa Scholars application. SBAC scores may be used for placement up to one year after high school graduation. 

    Contact your high school for a copy of your SBAC score report. High school transcripts and images from high school student portals often do not contain the detailed needed to grant SBAC placement.

    What Scores are Required for Placement?

    What Scores are Required for Placement?
    SubjectRequired SBAC ScoresCourse Placement
    English Language Arts Overall 4 plus Sr. English WR 121 and RD 120
    English Language Arts Overall 3 plus Sr. English  WR 121 and RD 120
    English Language Arts Overall 2, 3 or 4 WR 115 and RD 115
    English Language Arts Overall 1 or no SBAC score Take Accuplacer
    Math 4 MTH 112 or 241
    Math 3 MTH 111 or 105
    Math 1, 2 or no SBAC score Take Accuplacer

    Get a copy of your Smarter Balanced (SBAC) scores from your high school office.

    How to Submit Your SBAC Scores

    • Write your K# and date of birth on the form and submit a copy by email to
    • You can also take SBAC scores to any Chemeketa placement testing location 
    • Please allow 1-2 business days for processing
    • An email will be posted to your My Chemeketa email account to confirm processing

    Your SBAC score report must show –

    • Your name
    • The date of the tests
    • Your score for math
      • You need an SBAC math score of 3 or 4 to earn placement at Chemeketa
    • Your overallscore English language arts (not just the four subject area scores for English language arts)
      • You need an overall English language arts score of 2, 3 or 4 to earn placement at Chemeketa
    • Most high school student portals do not show the full detail needed to process your SBAC scores, so we ask that students get copies from their high school office
  • Submit Placement Scores From Another College

    Some prior test scores translate to placement at Chemeketa. Chemeketa accepts COMPASS, ASSET or Accuplacer Classic scores from other colleges in Oregon as long as they are no more than five years old. 

    Chemeketa does not currently accept ALEKS math scores. 

    How to Submit Placement Scores From Another College

    • Contact your previous college and arrange to have scores emailed to
    • Include your K# and date of birth on the score report or in the email
    • Please allow 1-2 business days for processing
    • Check you My Chemeketa email account for a confirmation 

    We make every effort to translate scores into placement when possible, but we can't guarantee your scores will translate into placement at Chemeketa because they may not include the specific tests the college uses.

  • Prior Credit for Placement

    If you earned college credit at a regionally accredited college or university in reading, writing or math with a C or higher it may be possible to use your transcripts instead of taking a placement test.

    How to Submit Prior Credits

    • Bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts to Advising (Bldg. 2, Rm. 115) for review by an advisor or email them to along with your name and Chemeketa Student ID Number (K#). The unofficial transcript is used in advising to determine placement only.
    • If you are a degree-seeking student, remember to also submit official college transcripts for evaluation to Enrollment Services. This process is for possible transfer of credits from another institution to your Chemeketa transcript.

    Transcript evaluation may not be possible in time for you to register. Sometimes it’s more efficient to take the placement test in order to register for classes as soon as possible.

    High School College Credits

    High school College Credit Now courses with a C or higher can be considered at the time of class registration, but they do not exempt a student from either taking Accuplacer or providing Smarter Balanced scores. High school credits can't be used for the Chemeketa Scholars application. Chemeketa Scholars applicants must submit Accuplacer test results or Smarter Balanced scores showing the required level of placement for the Chemeketa Scholars application.

  • GED Scores

    Students who completed the GED College Ready tests in Reasoning Through Language Arts and Mathematical Reasoning can submit test transcripts for review.  GED College Ready tests were first available in 2016, so students who completed GED prior to 2016 will need to take Accuplacer for placement.

    Bring your GED transcript to any Chemeketa placement assessment location or email a copy of your GED transcript to for review along with your Chemeketa student ID number (K number).  Allow 1-2 days for processing. An email will be posted to your My Chemeketa email account to confirm.

    GED Scores
    GED Test NameSubjectScoresChemeketa
    Reasoning Through Language Arts    Reading   165 and higher RD 120
    Reasoning Through Language Arts    Reading   155-164 RD 115
    Reasoning Through Language Arts    Reading   145-154 RD 090
    Reasoning Through Language Arts Writing 165 and higher WR 121
    Reasoning Through Language Arts Writing 155-164 WR 115
    Reasoning Through Language Arts Writing 145-154 WR 090
    Mathematical Reasoning Math 165 and higher MTH 111
    Mathematical Reasoning Math 157-164 MTH 095
    Mathematical Reasoning Math 150-156 MTH 070
    Mathematical Reasoning Math 145-149 MTH 060


  • Testing for Chemeketa Online and Out-of-District students

    Option 1.  Let Us Search for an Accuplacer Remote Test Site Near You

    • Only an Accuplacer center that agrees to serve as a remote test site can administer the Chemeketa versions of Accuplacer tests. Accuplacer tests are unique to each college. If you take another school's version of Accuplacer there is a possibility it won't translate into a placement at Chemeketa.
    • Just email and include the following information –
      • Your name
      • K#
      • Date of birth
    • We'll check the zip code in your Chemeketa student record and we'll email you that information.  If you want to drive to that center we'll create a test voucher for you to take there to access the Chemeketa version of Accuplacer.  
    • After you receive the test voucher in your My Chemeketa gmail account schedule a test time with the testing center
    • Print and take the testing voucher with you to the test
    • Plan on approximately two hours to take the test, but Accuplacer is untimed. 
    • Chemeketa does not charge a fee, but the testing center you hire might
      • Chemeketa does not control the fees of other testing locations

    Option 2: Examity Online Proctoring Services (formerly B Virtual)

    If you have a home computer with a webcam and a high-speed internet connection, you can use a live online proctored exam to take the Chemeketa Accuplacer tests. Examity charges a $25 proctoring fee for each of the two tests, which you pay directly through their web site.

    Steps to arrange Examity –

    • Review the Examity Student Guide
    • Email Chemeketa's Placement Assessment office at 
      • Your name
      • K#
      • Date of birth
      • Test date
    • You will receive a test voucher in your My Chemeketa student email account

Get Your Accuplacer Scores or Send to Another College


    Go to the Accuplacer Platform Portal and select "Information for Students" under the Student Portal. You will need the student ID (K#) that you used for that test.  When you enter the required information Accuplacer will email a copy of your Accuplacer ISR (Individual Score Report) to the email that you used when you tested.

    Can't Remember Your Student ID or Need Your Scores Emailed To Another College?

    • Print and submit a signed placement test score request to Chemeketa's Placement Assessment office –
      • By email to
      • By fax to 503.399.6048
    • Please allow 1-2 business days for processing

Request Accommodation or Assistance with ESOL