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Horticulture Course Sequences

See the classes you should complete to earn the Horticulture degree.

Horticulture Course Sequences

Getting Started

The first step to entering this program is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college’s free placement test and meeting with Chemeketa’s Advising and First Year Programs staff. You may need to complete program entry requirements. Then your advisor will help you develop an individualized program of study.

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes.

Entry Requirements
Course Title Credit Hours
CA121A Keyboarding A (if less than 25 wpm) 1
MTH060 Introductory Algebra 4
RD115 Academic Thinking and Reading 3
SSP112 Effective Learning 3
WR115  Introduction to Composition  4

Horticulture Degree

Course Sequence
Term Course Title Credit Hours
1 CIS101 Computing Concepts (or higher) 3
HOR111 Introduction to Horticulture 3
WR121 Academic Composition+ (or higher) 4
SOIL205 Soil Science 4
2 HOR211  Plant Propagation 4
MTH070 Elementary Algebra (or higher) 4
PSY104 Workplace Psychology (or higher) 4
SOIL206 Plant Nutrition 2
  Horticulture elective 4
3 BI153 Fundamentals of Plant Biology 4
COMM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (or higher) 4 or
COMM115 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (or higher) 4
HOR221 Nursery Production and Management 3
WR227 Technical Writing 4
4 HOR203 Fall Practicum 2
HOR237 Integrated Pest Management: Insects and Diseases 4
  Horticulture elective 4
  Plant Identification course 4
5 HOR204 Winter Practicum 2
HOR112 Pesticides and Safety 2
HOR225 Greenhouse Production and Management 4
  Horticulture elective 4
  Plant Identification course 4
6 HOR105 Spanish for Horticulture 3
HOR205 Spring Practicum 2
HOR236 Integrated Pest Management: Weeds 3
  Horticulture elective 2
  Plant Identification course 3
7 HOR280F Cooperative Work Experience 6


Course Title Credit Hours
BI131 Environmental Science 1 4
BI132 Environmental Science 2 4
BI133 Environmental Science 3 4
CH121 College Chemistry 1 (or higher) 5
HOR110 Bees and Other Pollinators 2
HOR115 Nursery and Greenhouse Equipment and Safety 3
HOR201 Growing Vegetables in the Willamette Valley 4
HOR212 Advanced Plant Propagation 2
HOR238 Plant Problem Diagnosis 2
HOR240 Sustainable Landscape Design 4
HOR251 Growing Fruit in the Willamette Valley 3
HOR256 Identification of Herbaceous Plants 2 2
HOR257 Horticultural Marketing 3
HOR273 Urban and Community Forestry 2
HOR276 Organic Gardening 3
HOR277 Composting 2


Plant Identification Courses
Course Title Credit Hours
HOR226 Fall Plant Identification 4
HOR227 Winter Plant Identification 4
HOR228 Spring Plant Identification 4
HOR255 Identification of Herbaceous Plants 1 3


Horticulture AS Degree

Course Sequence
Term Course Title Credit Hours
1 HOR 111 Introduction to Horticulture 3
MTH 111 College Algebra (or higher) 5
WR121 Academic Composition+ (or higher) 4
  Arts and Letters Courses* 4
1   Social Science Courses** 4
CH121 College Chemistry 1 or 5
CH 221 General Chemistry 1 5
WR 227 Technical Writing 4
  Arts and Letters Course* 4
2   Social Science Course** 4
CH122 College Chemistry 2 5
CH 222 General Chemistry 2 5
HOR228 Spring Plant Identification 4
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life 3
3   Physical Education Course*** 1
BI211 Principles of Biology 1 5
CH123 College Chemistry 3 or 5
CH223  General Chemistry 3 5
4 HOR226 Fall Plant Identification 4
4 SOIL205 Soil Science 4
BI212 Principles of Biology 2 5
  Cultural Diversity Course*** 4
  Difference, Power, and Discrimination Course***** 4
6 BI213 Principles of Biology 3 5
HOR276 Organic Gardening 3
  Oral Communication Course****** 4

* Choose two of the following: ART204, ART205, ART206, ENG201, ENG202, ENG204
                                             ENG 205, ENG254, ENG256

**Choose two of the following: ATH103, EC201, EC202, PS205, PSY201, PSY202,
                                              SOC204, SOC206

***Choose any PE185 course

****Choose one of the following: ART201, REL160

*****Choose one of the following: HST201, HST202, HST203, SOC 206

******Choose one of the following: COMM111, COMM112, COMM218


Crop Health Certificate

Course Sequence
Term Course Title Credit Hours
1 SOIL205 Soil Science 4
HOR237 IPM: Insects & Diseases 4
HOR275 Innovative Strategies for Water Management 2
2 SOIL206 Plant Nutrition 2
2 HOR112  Pesticides & Safety 2
HOR125 Biological Control Agents 2
HOR215 Developing an IPM 2
2 HOR238 Plant Problem Diagnosis 2
3 HOR265 Scouting & Monitoring 2
3 HOR236 IPM: Weeds 3
4 CWE Internship 6