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Chemeketa offers you a wide range of math courses for beginners and advanced students, and many credits will transfer to other institutions.

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  • Student working on math problems.
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Why choose Mathematics?

Chemeketa's instructors will help you succeed at math no matter what your needs are. We have courses that support the college’s career and technical programs as well as a full range of courses for transfer students. We also offer developmental courses every term for students who are new to mathematics or just need a refresher course.

Taking transferable credits in math and other subjects at Chemeketa can lower your overall college costs.

What will you learn?

Math courses are offered in traditional classroom settings, online and in combinations of the two. You can pick the environment best-suited to your learning style. Students returning to school and in need of individualized study can also take courses offered exclusively through the Math Hub. You will find all of your options in our class search.

Before signing up for a math class, make sure you've taken the placement tests so you can be placed into the right course. It's also a good idea to talk with a Chemeketa advisor to make a plan for your educational goals.

What will you do?

Apply the skills you learn every day to problems at work, in your home or other areas of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of calculator should I buy?

    A scientific calculator is required for all classes up through MTH060.

    A graphing calculator is required for all classes above MTH060. We recommend either the Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84. Both models are sold at most major retailers and can also be rented through the Math Learning Center in Building 3 Room 277. Many students purchase a TI-89 for the Calculus sequence, though the TI-83 or TI-84 can also be used for Calculus.

  • What is the difference between the Math Learning Center & the Tutoring & Study Skills Center?

    The Math Learning Center (MLC) on Chemeketa’s Salem campus is a multi-use math resource area. Centrally located in Building 3, Room 277, it is a convenient place for students to meet and for faculty to hold office hours.

    Flexible seating inside the MLC adapts easily to study groups of any size. Computers and laptops are available for online homework. Graphing calculators can be rented for $8 per term (plus a $22 security deposit) and textbooks can be borrowed for use while in the MLC.

    The MLC is staffed by faculty and skilled instructional assistants whose primary focus is to help you with individualized study sections of MTH020 through MTH095. They also help students from any class with questions about calculators and navigating MyMathLab.

    Depending on demand and/or availability, the MLC staff may also assist you in lecture, hybrid and online courses. Students seeking dedicated one-on-one assistance with any math class, especially MTH105 or above, should visit the Tutoring and Study Skills Center around the corner in Building 2, Room 210-212. 

  • What is MyMathLab?

    MyMathLab is an online learning environment that includes an e-Book, video lectures, instant homework help, unlimited practice problems, and several other tools for student success. MyMathLab is required for many online and hybrid classes and can be purchased in a bundle with your book at Chemeketa's Bookstore. Check with your instructor for details.

  • Which class should I take next?

    That depends on your course of study. It's best to consult with a counselor, advisor or a math instructor.

  • What if I disagree with my placement based on my test scores?

    Discuss this with a counselor, advisor, or a math instructor. If you can demonstrate a sufficient background in mathematics then a placement override may be granted.

  • How can I get past a ‘block’ in registration?

    If you have not meet the prerequisites for a course your registration will be blocked. If you think that you are well prepared for the class, you are encouraged to discuss your situation with the instructor. The instructor may override the prerequisite block if they feel it is appropriate.

Resources for Math Students

  • Review Material

    There are a number of good sites for reviewing algebra. Here are just a few –

    • starts with basic algebra and works up through trigonometry.
    • has brief overviews of nearly every topic for Math 20 up through Math 111.
    • Patrick's Just Math Tutorials has hundreds of tutorials. If you can't find what you need there, then the chances are good that the Khan Academy has what you need.
    • You can find more video examples, by students and instructors, at Content ranges from elementary algebra up through calculus.
    • This Interactive Spanish Glossary from Pearson allows you to review audio terms and definitions in English or Spanish.
  • Tutoring

    Free, drop-in tutoring is available for math and many other subjects at the Salem Campus, the Yamhill Valley Campus, the Woodburn Center and the Polk Center (Dallas). No appointment is necessary. Online tutoring is also available. See the tuoring page for more details.

  • Calculator Help

    We recommend you use either a Texas Instruments TI-83 or a TI-84. These tutorials will help you learn to use your calculator efficiently –

    If you don't already own a graphing calculator, you can rent one from the Math Learning Center (Bldg. 3, Rm. 277). The rental fee is $8, with a $22 deposit ($30 total). The security deposit is refunded to your account as long as you return the calculator promptly at the end of the term.