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Employee Development

The Employee Development Department provides workshops and professional development resources for all employees, as well as department trainings.

All front line staff are welcome to attend the monthly Friday front line staff meetings. If you would like to be added to the meeting list, please email Sheila Brown. Join the meeting >>

April 22  •  May 20

9-10 am


  • Workshops

    Movement & Stretch Breaks

    in-person (Bldg 7, Rm 105) or remote

    • April 19
    • Noon- 1 pm
    • In-person CRN 82673
    • Remote CRN 82674

    Sharepoint Training

    • May 12
    • 9-10:30 am
    • CRN 82667

    Outward Leadership (Classified Staff)


    • May 3 &10
    • 1-5 pm
    • Salem 4/230
    • CRN 82460

    NOTE: Participants must have attended an Outward Mindset workshop.

    Outward Leadership (Exempt Staff)


    • May 4 & 11
    • 1-5 pm
    • Salem 4/230
    • CRN 82461

    NOTE: Participants must have attended an Outward Mindset workshop.

Outward Mindset

  • Outward Mindset Webinars, Videos & Related Resources

    Webinar Series - Beyond Bold: Leading in a New Frontier

    Organizations and individuals are facing a remarkable opportunity. As the world slowed down we have adapted to restrictions, challenges and opportunities, accepting and navigating them despite the lack of preparation we may have had. Now, as restrictions begin to soften, we have the chance to charge into an accelerating market in a way few organizations have been able to. How can we ensure we are prepared to ride this new wave, and boldly move through uncertainty to thrive in this new time? Join us as we learn from various industry experts to explore this topic.

    May 6, 10 am: Set to Succeed: Strategies for Emerging from Crisisview recording

    May 7, 10 am: How Leaders Lead: Three Crucial Aspects of Leading in Changeview recording

    May 13, 10 am: Navigating Uncertainty: Three Ways to Befriend Fear 

    May 14, 10 am: Summiting Insurmountable Conflictview recording

    Webinar Series - Working Outward: Igniting Growth in Change

    As the world begins to settle into current circumstances, many individuals & organizations are left to question "How do we move forward right now?" This four-part webinar series will discuss common challenges that we may be facing and help orient ourselves to a new way of working with reimagined roles.

    April 21, 10 am: Shifting Sights: How Outward Mindset Creates Lasting Solutionsview recording

    April 22, 10 am: Proactivity, Preparation, and Responsiveness: Insights on How To Move Forwardview recording

    April 29, 10 am: Five Pillars of Focus: Insights of a Navy SEALview recording

    April 30, 10 am: Distance or Disconnect? Coming Together When Your Team is Apartview recording

    Webinar Series - Managing Rapid Change in Crisis 

    This series is focused on helping individuals and organizations address the most pressing challenges they may be facing. It provides mindset frameworks and tools to help approach and positively resolve our current situations. Click on a title below to view a recording of the webinar. 

    Humanize Communication - view recording 

    Sustaining Engagement During a Time of Anxietyview recording

    Strategic Flexibility in a Crisis - view recording

    Don't Hold People Accountable: Develop Accountable People - view recording

    Doing More with Less: Balancing an Increased Workloadview recording 

    Webinar Series - Forging Resilience in Chaos

    The world we live in is not the same one we lived in last year, last month, or even last week. And it won’t be the same next week, next month, or next year. Our teams are anxious, isolated, disengaged, and distracted. Now, more than ever, organizations need strong leaders who tackle the most difficult problems and build resilience in their companies and in their teams. This webinar series from the Arbinger Institute brings together a collection of powerful presenters to equip you with the tools to be that leader.

    Captain Your Ship: Exerting Influence in a High-Stress Environmentview recording

    Chaos to Calm: Developing an Organization Change Plan - view recording

    Turning Chaos into Growth: Creating an Anti-Fragile Organization - view recording

    We are All Doctors: How Outward Mindset Creates Unity in Chaos - view recording


    Audio Books on Percipio

    The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves, Leadhership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box and The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict are all available in audio-book format on Skillsoft. You will find them on the Percipio homepage.  

  • Outward Mindset Workshops

    Contact Sheila Brown if you would like to schedule an Outward Mindset or Outward Leadership workshop for your department or team.

    Outward Leadership (Classified Staff)


    • April 5&12
    • 1-5 pm
    • Salem 8/201
    • CRN 82460

    NOTE: Participants must have attended an Outward Mindset workshop.

    Outward Leadership (Exempt Staff)


    • April 6&13
    • 1-5 pm
    • Salem 8/201
    • CRN 82461

    NOTE: Participants must have attended an Outward Mindset workshop.


  • Accessing Percipio

    Accessing Percipio 

    To access Percipio through single sign-on, go to and click the "Percipio" tile. That will take you to the homepage of the training portal.

    If you have any questions regarding your mandatory training, please email If you need technical assistance, please call Customer Support at 866.754.5435. Contact Sheila Brown for all other questions related to Percipio.

  • Live Events

    Spark Next Level Leadership

    Possessing over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and having partnered with more than 2,000 organizations, Simon T. Bailey’s passion and purpose is to spark listeners to lead differently. In this talk, he reveals how to take your leadership skills to the next level through forward-looking thinking and heart-centered intelligence.

    May 10 • 9-10 am •  View the Live Event >>              

  • Digital Badges

    Digital Badges are visual, shareable, and verifiable records that represent your accomplishments of select Percipio courses you have successfully completed. You can share your achievements in email or on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. When you earn a Digital Badge, it contains metadata content that validates who earned it, when it was issued, and for what course. 

    To learn more about digital badges in Percipio, visit the Digital Badges section of the Percipio help page.


  • Workshops & Webinars

    Movement & Stretch Breaks

    Learn different patterns of simple stretching and strength exercises that you can incorporate during the day. Movement during the work day can help improve concentration and energy, reduce fatigue and increase your overall level of physical activity. This active workshop will help you experience short “movement snacks” you can do at home or in the office. Participants should have ready hand weights or a 1-gallon milk/water jug.
    Attend in person or remotely.

    April 19 • noon -1 pm               In-person • 7/105 • CRN 82673             Remote • CRN 82674

    Cast a Wider Net: Prioritizing mental health and well-being when the world is out of sorts

    Dr. Brian Mayhugh of Integrated Behavioral Health and Dr. Allen Miller from the Beck Institute present best practices on providing help in times of crisis, keeping employees engaged as day-to-day work environments change, understanding new work challenges, and managing both home and work relationships during these uncertain times.

    Resiliency, Flexibility, and Adaptability: Practical applications for today, so we can all bounce back tomorrow

    Dr. Mayhugh and Dr. Miller will discuss ways to support organizations and their workers in responding to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, including how to tap into our strengths of resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability to better cope with anxiety and fear, and ways to be our personal best ? not only for ourselves and loved ones, but also for our workplaces and communities.

  • Resources

    Employee Assistance Program - Reliant Behavioral Health

    We understand life is different and unpredictable right now. Things changed fast for all of us, and no one is quite sure when we’ll get back to normal. Many of us are experiencing isolation, anxiety, fear, stress, and family tensions, as well as financial problems. We wanted to remind you about the online resources you can access to help you maintain a healthy balance, so you can be your best today and every day moving forward.

    Visit Reliant Behavioral Health to access your EAP. It includes thousands of current health, life-balance, financial planning and wellbeing articles, movies, and other resources to help you maintain a healthy balance.

    Download Flyers: EAP Resources  HR Resources

    Community Resources

    Reliant Behavioral Health has set up a special site to support you and your family during the COVID-19 crisis. We just published a new overview: Workouts for One: Staying Fit in Extraordinary Times. Access all of the resources:


Working Remotely

TED Talks & Other Videos