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SLPA Application

Please follow these steps to apply.

SLPA Application Process

  1. Students must first apply for admission to Chemeketa Community College. This allows you to get your student identification number (Knumber), and access to your student email and our database.
  2. After you get your student Knumber and email, you can have a transfer evaluation done if you are wanting to transfer in classes from your previous college experience/degrees. The form needed is below in the "Evaluation of Transfer Credit" menu.
  3. After your transfer evaluation is complete, you can then gather the documents needed for the SLPA program application-and submit it as one complete packet.

Applications are accepted electronically via email/scan, fax, or mail.  The next time we will begin a cohort is fall term 2024. Our application deadline is August 4, 2024-all materials must be received by this date. 

2024 SLPA Program Application 

2024 SLPA Program Sample Application Score Sheet 

Applications are not scored/processed until after the application deadline.
 All applications are considered equally as long as they are received by the application due date. There will not be preferential consideration for applications submitted prior to the application due date. Acceptance into the SLPA program is competitive and utilizes a point system to rank applications.

Criminal Background Check

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be required to pass a criminal background check conducted by a college approved vendor. If you do not pass the criminal background check, program registration will not be possible. If you are arrested during the time you're enrolled in the program, you must notify the program chair of the arrest. Your status in the program will be reviewed by the program chair and the dean. A possible outcome of the review may be your inability to continue in the program.


The SLPA program will send applicants an email confirming receipt of their application when it arrives in the office. Applicants who apply by the August 1 deadline will generally receive notice of their status into the program by August 15. Acceptance information will not be released early to prospective candidates. Please do not call to check on the status of your application until after these general time guidelines.

Waiting List

Once the SLPA program student slots are filled, a waiting list will be created. In the event that an accepted candidate decides not to attend the SLPA program for that cohort, we will select the top student from the waiting list and proceed in this manner until all SLPA program slots are filled.

  • Getting Started Prerequisite Coursework

    Placement into Writing 121(The College Essay) or completion of Writing 115 (Introduction to Composition) with a grade "C" or higher.

    This prerequisite coursework may be met through placement testing or through prior college coursework. Please see the specific SLPA program application for more information.

  • Note for California Applicants

    The California Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology requires that SLPA program students qualify and earn the AAS degree in Speech-Language Pathology Assisting to be eligible for California SLPA licensure. Students will need to submit their transcripts showing completion of the SLPA AAS Program, as well as fieldwork hours to the California Licensing Board. 

    Students who have earned prior degrees (AA, BA, BS etc) may submit their official transcripts for review to the registrar's office for acceptance and complete a request for evaluation and transfer of previous credit.

  • Evaluation of Transfer Credit

    Students who have completed coursework at other colleges/universities need to submit official transcripts to the registrar's office and complete the request for evaluation and transfer of previous credit form to have prior credits evaluated.

  • Note for Students with a Bachelor/Post Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders

    If you who have already completed credits in an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders, please be aware that we require you to follow the standard process of applying for the SLPA program. As part of that application process, transcripts will be evaluated for coursework that may be substituted for SLPA program coursework. Please be aware that coursework needs to be a very close/exact match in content and learning objectives to be considered.

    For this reason, we have commonly found that the following four courses are most often considered as course substitutions from an undergraduate/post-baccalaureate program –

    • Anatomy/Physiology of Speech and Hearing
    • Phonetics
    • Intro to Speech and Language Disorders
    • Intro to Language Development

    The curriculum of an SLPA program versus an undergraduate program is different in intent. An SLPA program is more technical in nature. We prepare students through hands-on practical experience to perform the duties and scope of practice for a speech-language pathology assistant.

    An undergraduate/post-baccalaureate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders prepares students to learn the diagnostic and theoretical basis for the field, ultimately preparing students to apply and enter graduate school for a master's level education without much hands-on application experience at the undergraduate level.

    Courses considered for substitution must be completed with a grade of C or higher within the last seven years. Upon acceptance into the SLPA program, students will be asked to submit a current syllabus, transcripts and catalog course description as part of the application for substitution of coursework.

    The SLPA program will not solely place undergraduate/post-baccalaureate students in a practicum setting to complete required clock hours.