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Emergency Management

View posters and information on what to do in an emergency situation at Chemeketa.

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All other emergencies call Chemeketa Public Safety 503.399.5023
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Click the links below to access Chemeketa Emergency Procedures posters:

Chemeketa Emergency Procedures

  • Medical Emergency
    • Provide 911 with location, nature of injury, current condition and other requested info
    • Keep injured still and comfortable
    • Do not move the injured person unless they are in immediate danger
    • Render first aid or CPR/AED if trained and feel comfortable doing so
    • Avoid leaving injured person except to summon help
    • Send someone to meet the ambulance
  • Suspicious Activity
    • Do not physically or verbally confront an individual engaged in criminal activity or handle a suspicious package
    • Do not disturb, touch or use electrical devices near a suspicious object; alert others to stay clear of the area
    • CONTACT Public Safety (503.399.5023)
    • Provide as much info as possible: about the person and their direction of travel
  • Active Threat
    • RUN—if a safe escape path is available
    • HIDE—find a place the attacker is less likely to find you and that can be locked and secured. Stay low, hidden and spread out
    • FIGHT—only as a last resort and when your life is in danger
    • When safe to do so, call or text 911
    • SHELTER IN PLACE if you receive the alert but are not in the vicinity of the threat
    • When you see law enforcement, show them your raised open hands and do not scream or grab at them
  • Earthquake
    • STOP, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON until the shaking stops
    • Exit building after shaking stops
    • Assist persons with disabilities
    • Move well away from the building
    • Never re-enter a building after evacuating unless cleared by emergency personnel
  • Fire
    • Activate the nearest fire alarm
    • Evacuate and notify occupants as you leave; offer assistance to others if necessary
    • CALL 9-1-1
    • Don’t use elevators
    • Close doors to contain fire
    • Feel doors—Don’t open hot doors
    • Only attempt to extinguish a fire if trained
    • Do not re-enter building(s) until directed by emergency or college personnel
  • Evacuate
    • Follow emergency alarms immediately
    • Assist persons with disabilities
    • Close all doors when exiting
    • Move away from the building
    • Never re-enter a building after evacuating unless cleared by emergency personnel
    • Follow instructions of first responders or college officials

    NOTE: All campus parking lots are designated assembly areas.

  • Power/Utility Failure
    • Notify Public Safety 503.399.5023 to report power outages or utilities disruptions
    • For power outages, remain calm and move to a lighted area; offer assistance to others, as needed
    • If suspected gas leak, immediately evacuate the area through the nearest marked exit
  • Shelter in Place
    • Seek a safe location without hazards
    • Seek an interior room, if possible
    • Close windows and doors
    • If in a LOCKDOWN situation:
      • lock or barricade room door
      • cover windows
      • seek cover behind solid objects