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Get a Head Start with College Credit Now

Earn Chemeketa Community College credits while taking classes in the comfort of your own high school.

FREE College Classes for High School Students

We are offering FREE college classes (including books) this spring term for high school students in our service district. 

Spring term courses are listed below and will run from April 1 to June 15.

  • New student registration will open on March 5
  • The deadline to apply and register is March 18
CRN Course Class Schedule

BA 101 Intro to Business

All work will be completed online via Canvas

ENG106 Introduction to Poetry

All work will be completed online via Canvas

MTH 111Z Precalculus 1: Functions

All work will be completed online via Canvas

PSY201 Introduction to Psychology: Mind & Body

All work will be completed online via Canvas

WR121Z Composition 1

All work will be completed online via Canvas

All high school students in Chemeketa’s service district are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity as long as all steps of the process are completed and have met the minimum placement assessment requirements outlined for each course. Homeschooled students registered with the Willamette ESD are also eligible to participate in this opportunity as well. 

Interested in taking advantage of this opportunity?

  1. Download the instructions of all of the steps you will need to complete in order to participate.
    Descarga las instrucciones de todo los pasos para poder participar.  
  2. View a detailed list of the courses available this spring term that includes CRN information as well as the modality (ex. remote via Zoom, online, etc.) and the time they will be offered.

Need help or have questions? Email us or give us a call at 503.399.5239.

Why College Credit Now is a Good Idea

College Credit Now provides high school students with an opportunity to earn Chemeketa Community College credits while still in high school. Courses are taught at the high school by qualified instructors, and you can enroll in as many College Credit Now courses as you want for $30 per year.

For more information about the courses available through your high school contact your high school counselor or CCN advisors.

In 2022-23, the CCN program registered 2,038 students who earned 24,909 Chemeketa college credits. This was a savings to the students and their families of $2,464,859. You can find more detailed information in our Annual Report.

Check out our 2022-23 CCN Dashboard for more detailed data about our program.

  • Apply

    Signing up for a CCN course is a two–step process. All College Credit Now students must complete these steps, even if a student has already completed a non-College Credit Now Chemeketa course.

    Step 1 – Admission application

    All CCN students must be admitted through the online CCN admission application. By doing so, you will be given a program code that will allow you to register for a CCN course. If you have already completed the CCN admission application, go directly to Step 2 – Registration. 

    View Printable Intructions CCN Step 1 & 2

    Click here to complete CCN application

    Step 1 CCN Application Tutorial

    Step 2 - Registration

    You will need to request the CRN number and term code from your teacher to use when registering for a College Credit Now course. Registration and drop deadlines are listed in the CCN 2023-24 Student Calendar. If you are still not clear, please contact your teacher.

    Click here to login to My Chemeketa to complete your registration.

    Step 2 Registration Tutorial

  • Student and Parent Information

    College Credit Now allows you to earn college credits while you are still in high school, for a drastically reduced rate. Allowing you to get a jumpstart on your future, whatever your dreams may be.

    Here are a Few of the Benefits

    Get Ahead

    The credits you receive from the College Credit Now classes you take in high school are transferable to most community colleges and four-year universities. It is always a good idea to contact the college or university ahead of time to check on the most recent requirements.

    Save Money

    While local colleges cost $80-200+ per credit, you can take any College Credit Now classes available at your high school and earn college credit for $30 a year.

    Ensure Success

    The experience and confidence you gain from taking College Credit Now courses will prepare you for a successful transition from high school to college life.

    Access to Student Services

    In addition to earning college credit, you will have access to Chemeketa's tutoring and library services.

    Priority Registration

    If you decide to continue your education at Chemeketa, you'll get the opportunity to register for classes earlier. Students register for Chemeketa classes based on the number of Chemeketa credits that they have earned – and CCN credits count toward your total.

    How CCN Works

    Each high school in the Chemeketa Community College district has different College Credit Now courses available to students. You can discover what's available at your school by visiting your high school counselor.

    To become a College Credit Now student you will need to first complete the College Credit Now admission application, see the apply section for more instructions. Once your application is processed and you have received the welcome email containing your login information you can then register for your College Credit Now course through My Chemeketa.

    Students are responsible for registering within the registration period to ensure they receive college credit. Please view our CCN 2023-24 Student Calendar and Student Handbook for more information. 


    The cost for credit earned through CCN is $30 per student per year and you can take as many classes as are available to them at their school. Fees are paid directly to your high school.

    If you are unable to cover the additional cost of College Credit Now classes, contact your high school counselor and find out about resources that may be available through the school.

  • Advising Information

    Taking college courses while still in high school can provide many opportunities to a motivated student; however, with these opportunities come significant responsibilities. Check out this CCN Flowchart to help you understand what some of those responsibilities are. 

    Students need to understand the importance of their official college record with regard to further education and employment opportunities as well as eligibility for Federal Financial Aid and scholarships.

    Prior to enrolling in a CCN course, we recommend that students discuss these implications with their school counselor, instructor, parents, and CCN Advisors in order to make an informed decision. CCN Advisors can help ensure that college courses are being taken with purpose. Please refer to our Advising 101 guide.

    Contact for more information.

    Transcripts - 

    Students should review their college transcript for grades and accuracy at the end of each term registered for college credit. View college transcript.

  • Participating High Schools

    *Based on 2022-23 participation. 

  • Teaching for College Credit Now

    Are you a high school teacher interested in offering college credit to your students?

    How to become a CCN teacher

    • Look at the requirements to teach for your subject area in the Program Handbook and see our important dates Calendar 2023-24.
      • See our list of Approved Courses 2023-24.
      • If you do not meet the requirements, provisional approvals might be available, please contact Sara Hastings, 503.365.4705.
    • If you meet the requirements, or wish to apply for a provisional approval, please send in the CCN Instructor Pre-Check List. Contact Marlene Sandoval 503.584.7349 guidance on the New CCN Instructor Application process.
    • Once you have completed the online application, which includes uploading your syllabus, transcripts, and resume, you will be contacted by the Chemeketa CCN liaison, Chemeketa Dean, or CCN staff if there are any questions about your application
    • Once your application has been evaluated by the appropriate Chemeketa dean, you will be contacted by College Credit Now staff regarding the status of your application


    • Help your students gain experience and confidence through earning college credit
    • Professional development opportunities through interaction with college faculty 
    • Increases your opportunity to teach additional courses for the college
    • Participating teachers receive a three-credit tuition waiver