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Student Records

Chemeketa maintains your student records and follows state and federal laws to protect your privacy.

Update or Access Your Student Record

You may change information in your student record by providing the proper department with the new information. That department will notify you whether your records will be modified.

  • Financial aid records
    Financial Aid (Salem Bldg. 2, Rm. 201)
  • Payment records
    Business Services (Salem Bldg. 2, Rm. 201)
  • All other enrollment and academic records
    Enrollment Services (Salem Bldg. 2, Rm. 201)

Release of Student Record Information

Enrollment Services only releases personally identifiable student record information under certain circumstances.


    Directory information is defined as that information which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Designated directory information at Chemeketa Community College includes the following –

    • Name
    • Enrollment status (full-time, part-time, half-time, not enrolled)
    • Dates and terms of enrollment
    • Certificate or degree earned and date earned (including GED certificate and Chemeketa high school diploma)
    • Certificate or degree candidacy and anticipated graduation date (including GED certificate and Chemeketa high school diploma)
    • Athletic statistics and honors
    • Honors, awards and scholarships* (*released only to other academic institutions)

    Students may withhold directory information by notifying Enrollment Services in writing by filling out a Request for Non-Disclosure form; please note that such withholding requests are binding for all information to all parties other than for educational purposes.

    Students should consider all aspects of the decision to withhold directory information prior to filing such a request. Such designation will call for Chemeketa Community College not to release any or all of this directory information; any future requests for such information from non-institutional persons or organizations will be denied. Regardless of the effect upon you,

    Chemeketa Community College assumes no liability as a result of honoring your instructions that such information be withheld. Although the initial request may be filed at any time, requests for non-disclosure will be honored by the college until removed by the student. Chemeketa Community College will honor your request to withhold directory information, but cannot assume responsibility to contact you for subsequent permission to release them.


    Certain college staff may request student record information to 

    • Provide education or services to a student
    • Advise a student
    • Accomplish job assignments

    The appropriate office will release student record information to other college staff with a legitimate educational interest.


    Another school or institution, where the student intends to enroll, may request the transfer of student records. The Registrar will make a reasonable effort to notify the student at the student's last known address, unless the disclosure was initiated by the student and give the student, upon request, a copy of the records as provided under OAR 589.004.0200 (m) and the opportunity to request a hearing as provided under OAR 589.004.0350. 


    Contractors may request student record information to accomplish the work they’re doing with the college. The Registrar will provide the required student record information within the contractual agreement.


    Student record information may be requested to conduct audits, accreditation, program reviews or to fulfill other legal requirements. If appropriate, the Registrar will send a copy of any court order or subpoena and relevant records to the student at the last known address and provide only the required student record information required under the law.


    Researchers may request student record information for academic research. The Registrar will fulfill the request with no personally identifiable information revealed. Personally identifiable information may be provided to other organizations in accordance with the law.


    In an emergency, designated college employees may use their professional judgment to release student record information and student location on campus.

Student-Authorized Information Release

    • Sign into your My Chemeketa account
    • Under "Grades and Transcripts" select "Student Records Release"
    • Select "Add Authorized Person" and provide their information, including
      • Full name
      • Relationship to you
      • Mailing address
      • Select what types of record information you want released
    • Create an "authorized codeword" and share that codeword with the authorized person (to verify that person's identity)
    • Once an authorized third-party has been added, you can edit information on the release, or cancel that authorization at any time

Student Record Policies

  • Use of Social Security Number

    Chemeketa will use your social security numbers (SSN) for keeping records and complying with federal and state requirements. You may be required to provide your SSN to apply for financial aid and tax reporting. Your SSN will not be given to the public and you will be issued a Chemeketa student ID number (K#) to be used as your primary school ID. If you choose not to provide your SSN or do not have one, you will not be denied any rights as a student.


    College staff may provide professional evaluations and references about your ability and character when appropriate.


    The victim of a crime may request results of a disciplinary proceeding by the college against an alleged perpetrator of any crime of violence. Chemeketa provides the alleged victim of any violent crime the results of any disciplinary proceeding by the college against the alleged perpetrator of that crime without disclosing any personally identifiable information from the student records of the alleged perpetrator.

    Jim Eustrom
    Vice President of Instruction and Student Services/President Yamhill Valley Campus

    David Hallett
    Vice President of Governance and Administration